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Rock NEWS? Rock Music News?  Transitional Music? Or Noise? Play below video?


  The above video is not what music needs...1 take in the morning??On a Wednesday, for new releases in 6 days (Tuesday!)

Follow him on Twitter,Or buy a clue & create your own opinion, Just please don't even think about using his!... this maybe where the music industry is headed...Because without music education, people, will be spelling out S-H-It- Instead of saying it!?  (He maybe in a non-cursing zone?)
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More than 10,000 subscribers, & still needing & wanting more? No need 4 Sponsorship!? Who would sponsor Or subscribe to this??? What in the world is going ON???

This is NOT what a Strum.TV  News Anchor is like, please understand...I wonder what many other musicians would say, & what about Jimi...What do you think he would say about the above video & the very, very, brief introduction (1:53) of the new Jimi Hendrix Album....some have waited a Very Long time to hear...& it's his opinion, that it's "an interesting listen"? It would be wrong, or be too hard for him,"To HEAR, the music??  He discusses the new releases ("Smashing Pumpkins"...for 1:00minute!) & (Hole!...3:00minutes & P. Hilton too! & please notice he doesn't need the notebook when chatting about Hole & P.Hilton!) High Pitched Kurt???Can this video really get away with mocking both of them, & sending you to P.Hilton's website???  & Why subscribe, for more "Breaking Music News"???Don't we all have P.Hilton to thank for that??? "All the Late Breaking News?" Like, if a concert cancels, because that is exactly another reason, the beginnings of this network & this web~channel, has started & would like to be responsible for....Sign the guestbook, or go to P.Hilton's website?...for Hole's "Nobody's Daughter"? 

But, one can look forward, soon, to a  free website, in the future, to enlighten & entertain...& one inwhich, even Conrad Hilton, would be proud to see, rather than, that of P.Hilton's website, & one that, any strummer, musician, and rocker would enjoy!



The Situation Accused of Artwork Heist

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