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In the modern TV cable age, there really is Nothing NEVER on.  There are several hundred nationally available channels--more than 600 ...And Many more that are offered by regional providers.  Add in digital cable and HD channels, and the range of options become overwhelming!!!
....But rather than stratify the viewing audience, it often feels like all this abundance has merely changed the rules...As in, as network ratings drop and cable claims those viewers, there's an overwhelming urge to turn what was previously niche programming into the mainstream.
....But those furthest destinations, never to be mainstreamed, Regardless, are Fantastic & Excellent!  Several hundred channels can be overwhelming of course...But those surfing trips to the outer regions of the cable dial can be educational, thrilling, and relaxing.  HERE, with us all united are a dozen (plus ONE!) of those I find most exciting to the corners of the cablesphere: LONG LIVE THE NICHE!

A close understanding of what the future will look like. Tr3s is an MTV network focused on bicultural Latinos.  The language shifts easily between English and Spanish, as do the music videos...But reality programming is where Tr3s supposedly shines, where there's "Quiero Mi Boda," an often hilarious series looking at cross-cultural weddings, and "Quiero Mis Quinces," a Latino version of MTV's "My Sweet 16," that displays modern cultural traditions.
The Word Network
At almost any hour on the word network someone is urging you toward uplift.  Largely composed of half hour blocks with a range of preachers at their native pulpits, Word can make for thrilling viewing even for nonbelievers...And this channel does not judge, hosting programs even by those who have been the subject of contraversy: Type of show like the story of Jimmy Swaggert who overcame a prostitution scandal in the 80's, can still be seen nightly here.
Lifetime Movie Network
You sit at home, faced with what feels like an insurmountable(overwhelming) challenges.  The odds seem like they are stacked high against you overcoming the Very Real problem of what to watch (LOL)...Incase it ever seems like, well, trusted friends, and relatives don't have the same exact taste...No need to worry, as in rely on your inner peace & strength & rely on your lifetime movie channel, as it will all seemingly & magically be resolved by pleasing everyone with decent taste.
Zee TV

A channel devoted to indian populism, Zee TV features vintage Hollywood films in the afternoon, and in the evenings a heavy diet of serial dramas, which notably feature plenty of strong female characters, esp. on "Mera Naam Karegi Roshan" and "Jhansi Ki Rani"...And inevitably, theres the fantastic "Hero Hondo' Sa Re Ga Ma Pa singing Superstar"
Fuel TV
Not too much time is spent on the ground on FUEL TV: Water and Air are the milieus preferred by it's actors who are the heroes of the skateboarding, surfing, motocross racing & all other extreme sports.  Of course, there are competitions & stylish shows that display great entertainment...But also comedy & animation shows too...But, best of all, "Bubba's World" a reality show about James Stewart Jr. the first black star of motocross, which showcases the sponsor's action & promotion, as well, as his head scratching behavior of a young budding star.
Science Channel
For those who shows like David Macaulay's "The way things work", there of course is the science channel, which understands that no amount of explication is really satisfactory to the truly curious.  The network shows a combination of the already-learned ("How its made," about the manufacturing of common objects and things) and the interesting & ever-searching show ("Meteorite Men" who has actors looking for space rocks that have made their way to ea
TV One
Second chances are all over TV One, which is aimed at a mature black audience, which goes one step ahead & beyond enjoying pop culture on it's own terms...So that means the return of "The Tracy Morgan Show" and "a Different world" for nostalgists.  There is a sharp documentary series called, "The Life After" about celebs moving past traumatic events.  There's also an upcoming reality show documenting the comeback attempt by R&B stars K.C. & Jo.Jo...And there's even the ever-popular dating show starring Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth...Of course she ends up alone at the end.  Sorry to those who actually think that's a spoiler!
It's kind of easy to feel unproductive watching this channel, Halogen...Apparently, enough camera-friendly people are doing enough charitable work to fill an entire web channel's programming.  Go Figure? WHO KNEW? But certainly thank goodness, In the course of one day, you'll see celebrities changing the world, artists changing the world, college students changing the world...And if you sit long enough, just behind your monitor within a street or two, will be changing the world...maybe you should
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Military Channel

It's propaganda, sure...but what great television it makes, right?  The Military channel isn't an official media outlet for the armed forces--there's the Pentagon Channel for that, but it's reverent in it's commitment to shock and awe.  Still, it's the best at the margins, whether in the competition shows "Top Sniper" and "T.O.P. Army Fighter" or in quirkier fare such "Backyard to Battlefield" in which big weapons are traced back to very small ideas and the eccentrics who birthed them.
Does "Nu-Animation" got you like me, scratching your head?  Simpler times are available on Boomerang, which specializes in cartoon series, like "Dexter's Laboratory" and "Samurai Jack" and the long time favorite classics, like "Top Cat" & "The Jetsons"...Still watch it for several hours in a row, and learn that children's entertainment has been secretly psychedelic for decades...As well, as the channel's programming in a study of the evolution of the cartoon character, specifically, their mouths...which enlightens one, (like I'm about to enlighten you, on this enlightening website, please make a note, now.) that all their mouths are crooked!!
National Geographic Wild
For years, reality shows have been secret to cost effective modern cable TV production, but it's animals, who are the real bargain, unable to unionize or to ask for story approval.  The channel has claim to a rising star host, Mireya Mayor, who seeks to thrill at the prospect of digging for dirty animals(insects?)...But mainly the animals truly take the spotlight.  Recommend highly, the show "My Dog Ate What?" if you care to smile.
Discovery Health

Finally a time, for a eulogy...Since next year, it gives great pleasure to be pleased to announce the great news...that Discovery Health will be replaced by OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network...The tales of righteousness, empowerment, and beauty...But we should really acknowledge the success of a web channel, & celebrate Discovery Health's approach in wellness...which has always emphasized misfortune & catastrophe: from promises to autopsies with all sorts details in between...I think this stuff and other medical experiences, that we all can learn from should be part of the public option.
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