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R.I.P. Enrique Pallazzooo




1.)  You couldn't make the call right, if you had a phone book!...unless, you have a cell phone...& it was AT & T!

2.)  Anybody know the phone number to the closest Optometrist, somebody's gotta make the right call!!!

3.)  Sweep the plate, it's the least you could do, while standing around there...If you can't see, then at least we can!

4.)  Can I Buy YOU another BEER, or the usual, Coke & RUM, Hold The ICE!Because you already seem Stoned COLD!!!

5.)  How many fingers am I, holding up?!  This is not a trick question!!!

6.)  Nice call, Mr. Magoo! Hey, Who's Mr.Magoo?? You know who???

7.)  That was a Strike in any bowling Alley!  In fact, isn't that where you usually work? You'd be a better Ump there!

8.)  Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Jo Mama could have called that one better!

9.)  Hey, good thing there's NOT 3 CHOICES!

10.)  It sure sounded like a strike! Is that your final answer? It's a strike zone, not an end zone, & thankfully this is not a freaking NON~CURSING ZONE!!!

11.)  Hey, The circus is in town, and they are wearing Blue! But most times, they like to dress up as Zeabras, as if it's Halloween everyday and they are not to blame, for their bad calls! Hey, Which do you prefer, black and white or blue!?







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