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Solar Design Team

   The best engineers have the design and craft that most appreciate and are thankful for. Most people like the idea of converting to Solar, because they won’t pay anymore electric bills, & they will be “green”…….which is “in” & “cool” right now (Just saying, incase you have been living indoors too long, & chances are, these days, there are some.) Most importantly, they like the tax credit and cash rebate, as well as, It also increases the value of their house or building.  Solar Energy Design has one of the top engineers & designers in the solar field who can design systems to meet the exact specifications of any house or building. These top engineers also design the systems to meet any aesthetic considerations a client may have as to where the panels will be installed, etc.

The Solar Design Team administrates the required permits to install the system, as well as, helping the client get their rebate from the electric company.

~Solar energy is generated from the solar panels installed on the roof of a house or building.  Our engineers have recently specialized in setting and installing the solar panels on the ground near the house or building.  (parking lot.)

~A basic solar designed system consists of:

     ~The Solar panels (Gathers suns rays & turns them into electric power.)

 ~The Net Meter (Measures how much power the panels produce during daylight hours which is sent back to the “grid”. The net meter also measures how much power the house or building uses at night or on cloudy days which is supplied from the “grid” or electric company’s generators as it normally is when there is no solar system installed. At the end of the month, the net meter shows how much power or electricity was generated by the panels and how much electricity was used from the electric company subtracts them. Normally, the solar panels have generated more electricity or power than the house has used from the grid, so there is no electric bill or a small one (where there is high electric use). If there is a surplus, it is carried over to the next month as a credit.

     ~The Invertor (Equipment converts, solar energy into usable electricity )



~We have financing and leasing plans available.  The simple choice is yours. Please consider to help our planet, go “Green” soon, & join our team.



Incentives and Rebates

~The Designed systems are entitled to approximately 50% of the cost of the design, materials, and installation (the whole system) back to the client in the form of a tax credit from the Federal Government and an incentive rebate from the electric company in their area: either DWP or Southern California Edison.

~The Fed gives a direct tax credit to the client who converts to solar power equal to 30% of the total cost of the system.

~DWP and/or Southern California Edison pays the client who converts to solar energy, a cash rebate equal to16–20% of the total cost of the system. Most houses & buildings qualify for the full 20%.

~4 The www.Strum.TV ‘s Solar Design team, the factors, determining the exact percentage of the rebate where the client is going to use all the solar power for their own use;(It’s between 16 -20% most often) & they are the following:

A.) Shading on the house or building from trees.

B.)  The orientation of the panels on the roof.(direction they are facing)

C.) The intensity of the panels (we generally use only high-intensity panels). So, most houses and buildings qualify for the full 20%.



     The www.Strum.TV Solar Energy Design Team Co. will allow  the client the choice not to take the 16 – 20 % rebate from the electric company & instead sell back the surplus power their system generates to the electric company.

~The electric company(DWP or Southern California Edison)will pay a certain amount per kilowatt for the surplus. We will know that amount in the coming weeks.

~Our engineers will evaluate which is the best way for a client to go – either to take the 16-20% rebate or choose to sell back their surplus. Either way, they still get the 30% tax credit from the Fed.



 (Sanyo Kit)


www.Strum.TV ‘s Solar Design team takes care of the necessary filings for the rebates and determines, before the installation, the exact percentage of the cost of the installation that the client will receive back in a rebate from the electric company.

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